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Not a winter person? We get it!

Being a pet owner isn’t always easy, and we know that, yet we still choose to do it. Why? Because we love our pets and they are an extension of our family. Add snow into the mix, and it’s a whole different ball game. With the recent snow storm hitting eastern Pennsylvania, we’ve started to become innovative with our pet owning-skills during the wintry mix. Keeping your pet(s) happy and healthy even in the snow can be a challenge, so we’ve discovered some ways to make it easier.

A Spot to Doody is Essential

Usually, my dog loves the snow, but for some reason, he wasn’t a fan during our recent snow storm. In fact, he wouldn’t even go near it! He decided to just start leaving dog logs right on the driveway instead of stepping anywhere near that scary pile of snow. Gross! That’s when I decided that shoveling a relief area for my dogs in the back yard is essential to my sanity. I wanted to make potty times more efficient, so I started bringing treats outside with me and leading my pup to the patch of grass that I so kindly shoveled out. After just a couple times, he stopped going doody on the driveway and started going in the shoveled part of the lawn. Give it a try!

Tips to Quiet Down the Ruckus

If your dog is anything like mine...I’m sorry for you. I mean that in the sweetest way possible, but when there’s snow covering the backyard, sidewalks, and streets, my house is a ruckus. First of all, utilize your shoveled relief area in the backyard! Even though the area was extremely smaller than the backyard, my dog still had a blast running back and forth because he simply loves being outside! It was better than getting no exercise at all, and trust me, my furniture and floors appreciated it. Having your pup get a little bit of exercise is better than no exercise! Next up, is my favorite dog treat of all time. Vetriscience Composure dog treats are made with a natural, calming formula that works wonders to sooth your dogs high-energy and anxiety. For all you Chewy fans, you can find a variety of them on Chewy! These treats really do help my dog soothe all of his built up energy from being cooped up inside due to the snow storm. I recommend these treats to all dog owners if their dog is going through any kind of temporary anxiety-filled change such as a snow covered backyard. They are both safe and healthy for your pup and even sold in veterinary offices.

In and Out!

Not a winter person? Your dog may not be either. For example, small dogs aren’t able to generate enough body heat to keep themselves warm for a long period of time. However, some lean-body type large breeds such as Dobermans, Greyhounds, and Whippets may need assistance keeping warm in the winter as well. Having a warm-fitting coat to put on your pup before they go out in the snow will help to maintain their body heat and make them more comfortable doing their business outside. Make sure the coat fits your pup comfortably without being too restricting or too loose that it won’t keep them warm. If your dog isn’t a fan of clothing on their body, try your best to keep potty times short so they aren’t getting too cold outside. As temperatures start to creep towards freezing, your pup should only be outside for about 15-20 minutes at a time before they become uncomfortable. Assess your dog’s behavior often when outside in the snow. If you notice any shivering, crying, or slowing down, it’s probably time to bring it back inside.

Yard Doody cares about you and your pup. We scoop dog poop all-year-round. Every season, there is a reason to call on Yard Doody. We will even scoop your shoveled area in the backyard so you don’t have to. Stay safe out there, and we’ll see you and your pup on duty!

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